Ella Roze Bandouveris
Multimedia Artist + Designer

Sculptural Objects
Emblem Sofa
Sister Chairs 
Hair Combs 
Soccer Bag
She Peels The Orange & Always Gives Me Half
Matching Necklaces
Multimedia Projects 
And My City Held Me
Drive My Car
Print + Graphic Design
Clark Street
Lily’s Bar 
Can We Be Next To Each Other? 
Photography Archive


Ella Roze Bandouveris is a multimedia artist and designer interested in sculptural objects. Medium agnostic, her work illustrates sunsets, car interiors, palm trees, sidewalks, and shadows, meditating on her lived experience as the oldest of three sisters, born and raised in Los Angeles. Guided by visual familiarity, her work aims to reflect on the familiar, and also reinvent design futures.

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*Can We Be Next To Each Other? Catalog

The Catalog

This single sheet-fold encapsulates the work of the artist’s Capstone at UCLA DMA. It documents the six artworks in her collection, titled “Can We Be Next To Each Other?” Read about all of the works here as the artist combines style, photography, and graphic design to further world-build, establishing a visual language to define the vast project.