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Ella Roze Bandouveris is a multimedia artist and designer interested in sculptural objects. Medium agnostic, her work illustrates sunsets, car interiors, palm trees, sidewalks, and shadows, meditating on her lived experience as the oldest of three sisters, born and raised in Los Angeles. Guided by visual familiarity, her work aims to reflect on the familiar, and also reinvent design futures.

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*The Peels The Orange And Always Gives Me Half

The Chair

February 2023.
Frame: Reclaimed Wood.
Cushion: Linen, Denim.
Frame fabricated in Los Angeles, California by Ella Bandouveris.
Cushion fabricated in Berkeley, California by Tessa Bandouveris.

This piece is a collaboration between Sisters, Ella and Tessa Bandouveris. Designed together.

Rooted in the materiality that forms the structure, we used found and reclaimed wood. The cushion is made from patches of Ella’s favorite jeans from high school and a ream of linen that Tessa has been making clothing with for years. Patched and stitched together, the chair reflects the patchwork, improvisation, and sharing that comes with being a part of a sisterhood. Us sisters have always had a particular interest in furniture design and sculptural functionality, we are excited to be at the beginning of many more creative endeavors.