Ella Roze Bandouveris
Multimedia Artist + Designer

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Ella Roze Bandouveris is a multimedia artist and designer interested in sculptural objects. Medium agnostic, her work illustrates sunsets, car interiors, palm trees, sidewalks, and shadows, meditating on her lived experience as the oldest of three sisters, born and raised in Los Angeles. Guided by visual familiarity, her work aims to reflect on the familiar, and also reinvent design futures.

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*Soccer Bag

The Bag

Ribbon, participation metals, necklace chain.
10” x 56” x 10”

Growing up playing neighborhood soccer, participation metals, like the ones decorating the Soccer Bag, were always a household staple. Metals were collected over tens of soccer seasons, as my sisters and I participated. Decorated like a chandelier, this work commemorates the memories of being a part of a soccer family. The participation metals tell a story of countless practices, not being very good, and the community carved from our neighborhood soccer league.